May 21, 2024

2024-05-27 | 03:30:04

"Professional, clean, kind, efficient people!"
April 13, 2024

2024-04-22 | 04:05:03

"Yesterday was our first visit. They all were so inviting and friendly upon arrival, My dogs felt immediately comfortable with them. They needed a complete shave down and they look so great! Glad to find out forever groomer! Thank you guys!"
March 14, 2024

2024-03-14 | 03:35:34

"They do a great job with my 2 crazy labs toenail trimming. They use a dremmel and they are really fast. $10/dog and it is worth every penny. What would take me hours takes them a few minutes and the nails look really good. My dogs really like the ladies there too. Super nice!"
March 14, 2024

2024-03-14 | 03:35:33

"I love how great my dogs looks. They love all the extra cuddling they get too. Thank you!"
March 14, 2024

2024-03-14 | 03:35:32

"My puppy always come home a handsome boy!! They do a wonderful job!"